Travel to the north part of Italy, the city of Bergamo, the mountains and the Brembana Valley. Trekking, biking and relaxing at the great Spa in San Pellegrino.

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Bergamo, Valle Brembana and San Pellegrino Terme
The Valley of the river Brembo, Valle Brembana, is one of Bergamos several valleys in the district of Lombardien. In the middle of the valley you find San Pellegrino Terme, wich is the historical and touristic center of the valley. With it`s culture of termal bathing from the early 1900 th century and nowadays the export millions of green bottles with the fresh light sparkling water "San Pellegrino".

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Things to do in Valle Brembana
In Valle Brembana and the fantastic mountains their is several different activities. You can go for horsebackriding, trekking, mountainbiking, skiing and more. Feel free and healthy to be outside and then combine with activities such as culture, food and wine.
The Spa and termal bath QC Terme is a great spot in the valley, the old and the modern history comes together and gives you the harmony and a great feeling of wellness.
It is not far away to go to the city of Bergamo or Milano. We arrange trips to the districts of Valtellina and Franciacorta for tasting and learning more about typical Italian wine. 

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Travel alone or in a specific made grouptravel
We create different travels, open for everyone or specific made for your group. As a single traveler you join an open group to travel singel but not be alone.
For specific groups we find the best solution for your wishes, timescedule and thoughts. We pick the best of activities, local, genuine, culturel and tasty!
You will reach us easily by the airports of Bergamo or Milano. 

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