Trekking in the Orobie Alps

Trekking and hiking in the mountains of Bergamo, the Orobie alps. Several days with accomodation in the alps togehter with local guides and good friends

You chose your tempo but you need to be focused and put your feet just right after each other. The nature in the mountains is wild and not always easy going, but that is what we like, let the nature be the master.
We pass small villages, churches and the huts for the farmers who has their animals in the mountain and suddenly we are high up in the mountains.
It is not the time and how many meters you make that will be important, it is the feeling, the nature, your company and of course the time for sunfall and darkness. 

To walk slowly but long distance is good for your mental health, your body and soul. The views are amazing and the paths like balconyroads will take your breath away. We will go up and down in one day or stay in the mountains with overnight at a Rifugio. Nice, clean and simple lodging with the mountains just outside the door. 

The walkingpaths is well signed in a red and white system and leads more or less between the Rifugios. Most of the Rifugios is owned by a family and showing their love to the mountains, the meetings and the food. You find the classical food like pizzoccheri, polenta and more. 

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