Just as you want it....

Of course it is possible to create an own trip to Valle Brembana with activitites and plesure. We will help you to pick and sort the best things out for you. The days in Valle Brembana could be "just as you want..".

Tasteful biking in Franciacorta, for both adults and children

allacyklarFranciacorta pausfrukt saraochfamiljervid vägen startAntonella utsiktFranciacorta vinflaskorTenutaAmbrosini sötsaker

Last tour for this season went tasty
Two families had a longweekend in Bergamo and we are happy that they chosed us to bring them to Franciacorta for a wonderful day biking in the sun. A tour with easy biking and reasons to stop for both adults and kids. We started in the nort area and biked through the wine yards and old villages. The first stop was a nice break with fruit, juice and some biscuites from Ortonondo. A great farm producing all fruits, vegetables and wine totaly in a biological way. Next stop was also our place for lunch. Lunch together with the sparkling Italian champagne - Franciacorta wine. Short showing in the wine cellar and then a good lunch. Just coffee for them who wanted, the others was saving some space in the stomachs... Our last stop on the tour was a local "pastecceria" with loads of sweet small deliscios pastery. The conditor who had made the pasteries explaned the taste, the tradition and where the pastery come from... and then - time for tasting!!
Very full and pleased we thank you for a great tasty day in Franciacorta!

// Sara & Claudio

A sunny Danish story

3ryggar AllaRifugioNicolamotljus rifugiocasarimorgonliggande Rifugiocasaricyklar kaffeBarzio rifugioNicola2000m Valtortastart rifugiocasariGiacomobakar

A trip in October the 5 Danish guys wouldn't forgot
To ride Enduro in the Orobie Alps is not to compare to cross country biking in Sweden or Denmark. These guys got a challenge and had to fight and they did, they fought and rode up and down in our mountains. They made it very well and got a 2 days trip with clear blue sky, the sun, good food and a lot of biking.
We picked them up in a small village in the valley and started our ride in the woods. Up to 2000 meters and Passo San Marco, down again and now ready for lunch. We showed them Valtorta, Piani di Bobbio and they have the challenge to ride down to Valsassina. The last part this day took them up to Piani di Artavaggio and our Rifugio where we should stay for the nigt. A good beer, shower and great food, what an evening!  
Next day the sun woke us up and brought us an other wonderful day biking. Back and forward and new paths to ride, coffee break and lunch in the sun...
5 tired guys arrived back at the apartment and had a great night at Spa QC Terme to looking forward to! 
With some sunny memories from the Orobie Alps, we send them home to Denmark again - and of course they are mostly welcome back! 

// Claudio, Diego and Sara

Activities for families and happy kids in the Valle Brembana

BarnenKorna BarnenRistorobie EbbaNellieredoklättra Ebbastegehögt liftpåväg ner badflickor4 krillemedbarnen SaraBarnen

How many activities is enough in one day?
This was a very nice visit of a family with two active kids. They filled the days with hiking, animals, exploring new areas, bathing and a lot more.
The family reach San pellegrino Terme after a holiday with sunbathing and relaxing, now they were a little bit in need of activities and movement. We went to the mountains for an easy hike and met different animals, collected stones and just moving around outside. The lunch at Ristorobie went for high five stars, especially for the potatoes made in owen...
When it is warm you need to bath and I brought them to my favourite place at the river Brembo for a short bath in the evening. It is a bit cold but as a child from sweden you never give up the possibilities for bathing....
The second day we have to chose between biking or climbing and at last we had a great day at the activitycenter nearby. The father forgot his shoes and that was a mistake, becaus this activity suits both kids and adults with a sence of childish mind set...The mother went for a nice evening at Spa QC Terme and how the kids activated their father, no one knows...
Thank you for letting me charing your days in Valle Brembana

// Sara

A man from Singapore in the Italian mountains

vandringmonteavarostartskyltliten vandringmonteavaroberg blommorrosa vandringsvy108 vandringmonteavarofamiljpassosulmaroliten vandringmonteavaroutsiktpiani ristorobiesaraocincin Ristorobieost vandringmonteavarocincinliten

From Singapore to the Orobie mountains in Valle Brembana
Singapore is small, modern, intense and an amazing vibrant country. What did a man from Singapore think about the mountains of Valle Brembana then? Magic, great, beautiful, steep and maybe a little bit harder than he expected... I have to decide the right trip, level of difficulties, time to start and where to eat, all together small things that make the trip as great as it could be. 
He is used to the sun but not to the amazing views, the hights and the difficulties that it is to walk in the mountains. After a short break to sit down for a few minutes we reach the pass, the pass of Salmurano, 2017 meters above sealevel. We met a great guy, Amos, and his two children and their dog. Amos is a great athletic and he went nearly every weekend for a new big competition and challenge... marathon in the mountains, 23 mountains in 48 hours...
We went further on and down to Piani dell´Avaro and had a great lunch with cheese, polenta and pasta. Happy to have you with me in the mountains and I look forward to next excursion.

// Sara 

MTB enduro, more than expected....

Custom made MTB tour
A lot of people plan and manage their own holiday, taking the day as it comes along it´s a part of the vacation. Therefore we are happy to be a piece of these travelers own made travel. It allowes us to bring som local knowledge, old history, hight quality and service for their two days ride MTB.
Our guides know the Valle Brembana as their own pocket and showed the travelers through historical villages and along the river Brembo and up in the mountains for a nice lunch. We turned down again through a little forest, small paths, stairs and the bicykleway back to San Pellegrino.
The weather went from abundant sunshine to thunder and lightning and the second morning gave us a few raindrops. We went to Passo San Marco and using our E-bikes, even the way up to 1800 meters is a good ride for talking and enjoying the views. After a cup of coffee we went down the same way as the horses and donkeys before us, the old via Priula. 
Next stop in the mountains was also the stop for lunch. The Polenta, the stews, the pasta with tomatoes...
The biking in the afternoon was a collection of hills, views and the strolling asphaltroads until they reach the small villages and were passing through the streets and down the stairs to reach the shuttle. We left the guests at their hotel and they planned to go to the Spa QC Terme, I think it was a great idea...

We thank you for chosing biking with us and wish you a pleasent travel back home.

// Sara, Domenico & Mauro

 Presummer in Italy, Valle Brembana & San Pellegrino Terme

Hotelpapa Hotelpapabalkong Montetorcola Montetorcola QCTermeterrass qctermemassagefolder Alrocolprovning Bergamo

Celebrate the presummer in San Pellegrino Terme
They packed their bags and drove through Germany, Switzerland until they arrived in Valle Brembana and San Pellegrino early afternoon. Welcomed by 30 degreese celsius and it was nice to check in at hotel Papà and spend some time at the terrace with cold drinks and relaxing. A short guiding in San Pellegrino and dinner for tonight.
The second day started early, 8 o´clock ready with backpacks, picnic and double bottle of water - it was hot, really hot today. We brought them halfway up in the mountains to enjoy the stunning views and amazing nature at Monte Torcala, 1550 masl. After a little bit of searching they found the way down - it was steep and they have to focus where to put their feet... Puh, nice to reach the small town of Piazza Brembana, a light lunch and then the local bus back to San Pellegrino.
The afternoon and evening were spent at the termal bath QC Terme. Pools outside and inside, saunas, footbath and a well deserved massagetreatment.
Next morning they packed their bags and went for a daytrip to Franciacorta, the famous winearea, some shopping at the outlet Franciacorta. If I know these people right, they will right now be seated at a nice restaurant in the old part of Bergamo, citta altá, to enjoy a good dinner and something cold in the glasses because tomorrow it is time to head north again...
As always, thank you for visiting us in Valle Brembana it was a pleasure and you are always welcome back! 

// Sara