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- welcome to Italy, Bergamo, Valle Brembana and the mountains

Active trips in Italy. All mountain biking, trekking, hiking, culture and pleasure.
Private custom made group travel.


MTB biking in the mountains.
Little bit wilder and stronger, the nature tells us where and how to go. To please you it shows the most wonderful views and give you challenges in every curve. We will fit the route to the group in both fitness and technical level. thats why we work with small groups and local guides.
Trekking with wonderful views.
Together we do the trekking for halfday or several days. With our package on our shoulders we check in at a familiar Rifugio for a nice dinner and good night sleep. For all travels there is possibilities to combine with Spa, culture trips and tasting food and wine.
Feelgood and explore history
These travels focus on the good and curios in life. We go for guided tours in the city of Bergamo, spend a day for the amazing Spa in San Pellegrino Terme, food and taste tour in the Valley Brembana. In the nearby we have wonderful winehouses to visit and learn more about. These travels do not focus on outdooractivities.
Private travel.
We could create a private travel for a small or larger group. Please send us an e-mail and we will start working together to shape your best travelexperience.

Familj som vandrar

Small groups
To keep good quality in experiences, security and the products we sell, we decided to work with small groups in our open travels. This gives possibilities to knew your travelfriends well and to be flexibel and personal for all of you.
Open tour 
Travel as single but do not be lonely. As single you book a travel in the open group. You share experiences and happenings with travelfriends and maybe they will be friends forever... We have age limitof 18 years and 15-17 years travel together with your parents.
Travel private group
Let us create your personal group travel, few people or a bigger group. Find inspiration in our open travels and then send us an e-mail with your wishes and we will customize the travel for you.


To travel to Bergamo, Valle Brembana and San Pellegrino Terme

The closest airport is Bergamo Orio al Serio and Ryanair flies from most of the european countries. EasyJet is also flying to the airports like Milano - Malpensa and Milano - Linate. You chose wich way you want to go. Let us know when and where you arrive and we give you a oppurtunity for transfer.
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