MTB All Mountain & Natural Enduro

All Mountain and natural enduro in the Orobie Alps or easy biking in Valle Brembana. Local guides with shuttle service show you the way.

The ultimate challenge - the Orobie Alps.
Enduro on natural paths, steep, stony and technical challenging, this is what awaits you in the Orobie Alps. With shuttle service, guides and good equipment we go for starting points at 2000 meters and after a challenging way down with focus on the trail and the bike we finish in a charming village for a cup of coffee before we ride again. We chose paths and trails in different levels both of your skills and the weather in the mountains.
The nature is fantastic and spectaculare, steep down, high up and balcony roads that take your breath away. To join a open travel group it is important to choose the right level both in technic and fitness, for safety and your and your travel partners joy. 

Bikes and equipment
To give you the best experience of our hard and difficult downhills in the mountains, we use E-bike, Specialized Levo and Kenevo. The unexplored areas are without liftsystems and mostly non possible to reach by car...so we use the E-bike to come up to 2000 meters and there start our downhill session along the walls of the  mountains. The bikes are made for enduro and they will save your energy and bringing you to the most lovely places for biking!
You bring your personal gear and equipment, we have helmets if you want to borrow, or tell us before your arriving if you want to rent protection for knees and back etc.
If you are used to ride with pedals like "SPD" and other "clicks" - bring the pedals and we change on the bike. Here we all have flat pedals to be quick on and off the bikes.

Easy biking in Valle Brembana
To bike is a lovely way to move forward. In Valle Brembana you can go for historical tours in the lower valley where you pass through small villages, museums and old roads such as via Mercatorum and via Priula. The biking way in the valley goes just close to the river Brembo and gives us the oppurtunity to bike almost flat and without traffic. all our guests will have rental E-bikes and then we have the possibility to go up on asphalt roads to the villages high up. 
Why not go by bike to the charming town Bergamo? Up in the old town, around the long wall and enjoying a good dup of coffee at the nice square? 

Custom made daytrips or trips with accomodation in the mountains
In our trips it is included to enjoy the nature and find the feeling of holiday. Seek the sunshine, look for good photoshots, feel the nature and drink a good cup of coffee. For the several days trips we use to stay one night in a Rifugio. They are often family owned hostel and restaurant in the mountains, maybe not such a 3-4 star hotel, but a lot of more cosy feeling. 
Contact us for a special offer for you and your friends!

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