The city of Bergamo and
San Pellegrino Terme

The city of Bergamo has it´s history, the beautiful wall and the upper town città alta.
San Pellegrino Terme is the touristcenter of Valle Brembana, an old Casinò in art nouveau stile, the Grand hotell, modern Spa resort and the famous sparkling
water "San Pellegrino"

San Pellegrino Terme has a lot to offer. 
Small coffe bars and restaurants, activities for families, familiar hotels and local shops. Here you find the "Gelateria" for a nice icecream or have the local biscuit from "Bigis" cafeteria. You can walk along the riverside and if you want, up on the hills to "Vetta" for looking at the amazing painted houses.
You can visit the old Casino in Art Nouveau stile and we keep our fingers crossed to have the old tram "Funicolare" going to the top of Vetta this year.

The sparkling mineralwater, famous al over the world
The water has always been important and it still is for the village of San Pellegrino. From the left side of the river Brembo they still bring the fresh mineral water to the factory. The factory opend 1899 and still produces sparkling mineralwater in the caracteristic green bottles. In the 60´s they introduced the alcoholfree drinks as Bitter and Lemon.  
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In San Pellegrino we have the piazza as a natural come together area. The nice gallery "Portici Colleoni" was built in 1930 and today you find small shops, coffebars and restaurants in the new renovated gallery.
The modern Spa resort QC Terme is well worth a visit when you are here.
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Bergamo, the cosy city in north Italy. 
Compare to Milano it is small and handsome, the tempo is slower, the buildings are lower but here is a very very nice feeling of ordinary Italian life. The city is well preserved after the war and was standing under Venice for many many years. The river of Adda was the border between Venice, Bergamo and Milano on the other side. In many ways it still is.
We do guided tours in the town, for history, arts and churches or more about the modern way of living. 

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