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By tasting the local dishes and traditional food, is a great way to travel and explore. Try the culture and traditions to understand the evolution of food and what we have to be careful about today. I
In this 5 days trip, we search for the best local products in our region, the mountain region of Bergamo. Genuine and great food for the people who worked in the forest, at the farms and with the important animals and they who used the mountains as a second home. 
In the valley we produce amazing cheese like Taleggio and Strachitunt, we produce beer with flavours from the mountains and there are small local events to celebrate the seasonings. Happenings like apple event, picking herbs or eating roasted chestnuts. We'll meet proud producers who love to show the traditional ways to make good things and certainly let us taste. For drinks we'll go to our nearby area to find out about the hidden secret of the Italian champagne - The Franciacorta!... and the stronger rest product Grappa - do you dare to taste it?

Depending on the dates for the trip, the program will be a bit different to meet the season. 



Day 1. Welcome to San Pellegrino Terme.
After transfer from the airport, you are welcome to check-in at one of the city's charming family-owned hotels located on the small square. We meet in the afternoon for a walk in the city where you hear a bit about the spa history that permeates San Pellegrino even today. An aperitivo at the square and then a walk to the beer brewery. The brewery master shows us the brewery, we taste their beers and then eat our dinner at the brewery's restaurant in the village.
Food included: Aperitivo, evening dinner at the brewery's restaurant including wine, water & coffee for the food

Day 2. Coffee & Sweets and the lovely mountains with overnight stay and real food from the neighbourhood.
We start the day with sweets at our patisserie or ice cream bar and see how the production goes. We pack an overnight bag and head for the mountains. On foot or with the help of Jeep transport, we reach 1500 m altitude. Activity depending on season & weather, the theme is local cheese with visits to producers and local dairies. Latteria Sociale, Valtorta or Vedeseta - visit and tour.  Summer trip: We visit the Locatelli family, whose summertime, traditionally has their animals grazed on the hillsides and meadows in the mountains. Here the cheese is produced directly on-site in Baitan, the animal shed/summer house. What is better than tasting cheese, salami and a glass of wine with glorious mountain and valley views?
We stay in the mountains overnight and sleep in the classic Rifugio, hostel. Here the family serves traditional food from the mountain region and we get full, satisfied and fall asleep with the mountains outside the door.
Food included: Breakfast, cheese tasting, rustic evening dinner at Rifugio incl wine, water & coffee for the food

Day 3. Passionate fruit and berry growers, lunch at Agriturismo with products and recipes from the own farm.
After breakfast we say goodbye to Rifugio Casari and head down into the valley again. Today we visit organic fruit and berry cultivation. Here, berries and fruits are grown that provide jam, marmalade and delicious food accessories - the local Paruch, the wild spinach, is exciting. We pass the historic village of Cornello dei Tasso, the tax-station for the time when Venice was leading the trade structure in Europe. Our old trade route Via Mercatorum was an important part of the exchange between northern and southern Europe. The postage system with stamps, that we still use today, has got its own small museum in the village. Further down the valley, a magnificent farm lunch awaits at Agriturismo Ferdy. Ferdy himself has dedicated his life to keeping alive the traditions, building methods and the area's animals and plants and the family have created a genuine farm with a hotel, riding school, education for children, producing their own cheese and a high-class restaurant. Here we have a lovely lunch and if we are lucky with the weather, it is served under the trees in the park where we can enjoy both food and drinks for a long time. In the afternoon we are back in San Pellegrino Terme and the hotel again and you have a nice evening on your own*
* Here you have the possibility to enjoy Spa QC Terme for a great relaxing evening with pools inside and outside, saunas and treatments - let us know when you do the booking
Food included: Breakfast, lunch at Agriturismo incl wine, water & coffee for the food

Day 4. The day of the drinks, sweet, strong and world-class bubbles.
Today is the day of the drinks and we head to the area around Bergamo, Iseo and towards Brescia. We go to Franciacorta, an exciting wine region that produces the Italian champagne "Franciacorta". Bubbles of the highest class are produced by one hundred manufacturers who meet the high-quality requirements.
But we start the day backwards and we'll see where the wine grapes residues go - to the distillery, where they become the strong drops of Grappa. The family company Peroni, with the grandmother in the lead, produces award-winning Grappa and we see how the production works and of course, we have to taste their large and varied range of Grappa. Then it's time to switch to bubbles, lunch and Franciacorta. The food is consumed at one of the vineyards and afterwards, we'll have a presentation and showing in the production where we learn about "il metodo classico" - the champagne method.
After lunch and bubbles, we go back to the valley and pass the small village Scanzorisciate and stop by at one of the wine producers where the family makes an award-winning Moscato di Scanzo, the exciting red sweet wine, perfect for a chocolate dessert!
The evening in San Pellegrino Terme is free to enjoy whatever you want with food & drink.

Food included: Breakfast, winery lunch including Franciacorta, water & coffee and tastings

Day 5. Departure from San Pellegrino Terme
Depending on your flight times, transfers are adapted to your airport. In time, the city of Bergamo is charming and perfect for strolling around, enjoying a cold drink at the piazza and then taking the airport bus (15 min) to the airport. For those of you who go directly to the flight, we are happy to stop and refill your cheese storage on the way so that some of your favourites may come with you back home again.
If you want to stay for more days, we are happy to help you with recommendations and accommodation, maybe a rental car to drive around and continue exploring the area's tasteful treasures.

Food included; Breakfast


ON DEMAND Autumn 2020
Will be back spring 2021


PRICE: from 1360.00 €


1 : 1

We do really like to show you the area and taste the local food, and it is not often we have to close a trip. If it should be so, that the participants are less then 4p, we let you know at least 30 days before departure and we will refund all your money.
The program can be changed in case of circumstances such as bad weather and other things that the organizer can't be responsible for. 
We stay in hotel***, sharing a two-bedded room. (single room on demand) 1 night will be at Rifugio or B&B in the mountains. Familiar and good located. We'll sleep in several bedded rooms, bunk beds, ladies and gents in separate rooms (or another good dividing). Shower and toilet are in the corridor. The food is local and made by traditional recipes.
For the best experience on this trip, you should have comfortable clothes and shoes made for walking outside. 
Don't forget to check your private insurances. If you are an EU-member, please bring your international healthcare card. 


* Part in two bedded room at hotel***, 3 nights incl breakfast.  
* Part in several bedded room at Rifugio / B&B, 1 night incl breakfast.
* 2x dinner, 3x great lunch and 3x aperitivo, incl drinks
* Tour leader for the whole trip
* All guided tours and visits including tasting both food and drinks
* All transfer needed for tours and excursions.
* Transfer to recommended airports on arrival and departure day.

* Single room at the hotel, 3nights, + 120.00 €
* Entrance to Spa QC Terme


4 nights

Price from:  1360.00 €

Flights are not included

Flight or other transportation to Italy is not included. We include transfer from the closest airports such as Bergamo/Orio al SerioMilano/Linate or Milano/Malpensa or the train station in Bergamo. You will often find flights with Ryanair, Easy Jet or other cheap flights. If you arrive by car or local transportations, please let us know and you will have a personal price.
The trip has a minimum of participants and if the trip wouldn't be as scheduled we repay all your money and we let you know as latest as 30 days before departure.

  • Choose the best dates for the trip

  • If there isn't any traveller to share room with, it will be marked with the cost for a singleroom
  • Write the name/s of your travel company.
  • Spa QC Terme is situated 10 min walk from the hotel.

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