Travel in private or customize your trips for groups 

The perfect solution for a group of friends, colleagues at work, or if you just want to custom made your travel together with us.

Maybe you have your own wishes or a fixed date for the trip to start. Let us know your timetable and your wishes to give you an offer, we are flexible and happy to put together a trip with a special theme, for a family or interesting trips for both adults and children.
Maybe you have food & drink as an interest or want to hear all about history, architecture and the city of Bergamo?

Why not combine work with pleasure? Here in San Pellegrino Terme there are opportunities for larger conferences which we combine with Spa, good food and wonderful outdoor activities. You fly to Bergamo or Milan and then have the cities, the Franciacorta wine district, the lakes Lago di Iseo and Lago di Como and the whole Valle Brembana to explore.

Are you responsible for a group of athletes and want to make an amusement or training trip for your club? With us in Valle Brembana, outdoor sports such as MTB freeride, road bike, mountain running, climbing and hiking are great. We like to combine kayaking, rafting and canyoning if the water in the river wishes us well .. We are planning an active, fun trip for your group - maybe we stay in the mountains for a couple of nights or go on a football game with Atalanta in Bergamo? More inspiration here >>

Arranging an educational trip in the Bergamo region provides no bathing on long beaches or thumping party music. However, we give you an unforgettable experience in the mountains with various activities. We visit productions of small-scale products such as cheeses, herbs and the famous water. On day trips there are charming Bergamo and large fashionable Milan which gives the group many opportunities to immerse themselves in history, culture and other things that belong to the big city.


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