Active Outdoor, trekking, biking and tasting....
May 2017

The month of may arrived and april just gave us a big bunch of snow!!! Hey it is spring now!! Ok, the days are lovely with sunshine and smoth winds... but the snow.. to pack the bag for our tourist wasn`t easy this time..

Active outdoor, feel good


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Day 1, Arriving Bergamo Orio al Serio and San Pellegrino Terme
It is always exciting to spend some time in the arriving area at the airport. The expectations are high and people are looking for well-knowend faces. It is a small airport and in a quick and easy way we were out in the car and ready to go to Valle Brembana. A nice chat about 40 min until we arrive the hotel in San Pellegrino.  
We go for a short walk to see the town famous for its water, the termal bath, the houses in jugend stile and the old Casinò and Grand Hotel.
I show the buildings and try to explain the history of the famous kings, queens and other celebrities who visited the small town in the mountains.


Day 2, Biketour on the old ancient roads, guided history tour and the best pizza ever...
Sometimes the culture shock shows it face - this day it such a day.. it rains. My friends in the bikeshop and people we meet on the tour just shake their heads - why are you out now when it is raining? The guests from Sweden put on their well used rainclothes and will just be happy when they see the sun...
With a great mood and a lots of laughter we go to the historical part of the valley, San Giovanni Bianco and by bike on the road "via Mercatorum" that leads us to the small, but in history very important village, Cornello dei Tasso. After a short guided tour and a coffee it is time to reach the top of the opposite side of the river Brembo. We are greatful for the rental bikes that all have an electrical pedal assistent and nice and easy bring us along the winding roads to the town of Dossena. We go for a late lunch and together with the rain we reach the resturant that will give my guests the best pizza ever...
Time to go back home to San Pellegrino and  leave the bikes... and on the way home we see the sun and suddenly the views are clearer.
The guests have a wonderful evening at the Spa QC Terme. Outdoor and indoor pools with and without bubbles, saunas in different shapes and a wonderful evening buffè in the historical dinner area, all guests just wraped in the bathrobe.. 
Thank you for a great day - see you tomorrow!


Day 3, Sunshine, picnic and a well deserved apertivo...
Today the mountains really shows us that they are magic.... the sunshine follow us the hole day, not a cloud on the clearblue sky... We pack our rucksacks with a small pic nic, a water of bottle and sunprotection. A full day at the mountain with the top at 1366 meters, and it is worth it. The views are stunning and in the background we have the mountains all dressed in white snow... amazing.
Back in San Pellegrino we go to see Andrea in the new opened shop "Il piacere del palato"  with local cheeses and salami, good wines and fresh bread - this is a well deserved apertivo after the trip in the mountains. 
The dinner also in the theme of taste and we go to the local restaurang and famous beer bar "via Priula" to eat and have a few local brewed beers.
Time to rest both body and mind, and we return to the hotel.


Day 4, The city of Bergamo, Franciacorta outlet & the wonderful sparkling Franciacorta wines.
It is saturday in Bergamo and we stroll through the narrow streets, take the Funicolare, the small railway cabin, that brings us to the old town surrounded by a long wall. The square "Piazza Vecchia", the wonderful church of the people "Maria Maggiore", the magic chapel and of course, a short coffebreak, the Italian way, standing in the bar and sip the coffee and then go.
We go to see the pastry shop "Le Marianne", famous for the idea of the icecream Stracciatella and the chocolate eggs, we eat a nice lunch before we go down and continue to the Franciacorta Outlet for a few hours of shopping.
Franciacorta area is one of the best areas for making the sparkling wine, in the same way as Champagne and Cava. We visited a small family owned wine yard the "Al Rocol" and Francesca showes us the wine cellar, the production and then we ate a nice dinner accompanied by the sparkling wine Franciacorta  -  wonderful!
A little bit late but so pleased and satisfied we return to San Pellegrino and the guests began to think about the best way to pack their luggage... 


Day 5, Time to leave Valle Brembana and San Pellegrino
After a few days full of activities, different kind of weather and lots of food and taste it is time for the guests to leave for the airport. But how do you now when to go when there is a bikerace in the Valley? I follow the race on social media and ask my friends from the region how it use to be - could they just close the road?? With only a few stops to let the bikers pass we reached the airport in time. The guests could even go for a coffee - in the Italian way it is no problem.... 
Best wishes and welcome back! // Sara