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Active outdoor aug 2017

Long before I see the girls, I could hear them... chatting, laughing and talking... I love to wait at the airport and feel the excitment and the expactations. Bergamo shows from the best side and the temperature is close to 25 degrees in the afternoon and we go ahead to the Valle Brembana.

Active and enjoy


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Day 1, Arrival Bergamo and San Pellegrino Terme
There is a small "whoops" in the car when we turn into the valley, the mountains are steep and high and they really force the way and the river Brembo to follow their base. We reach the small city San Pellegrino Terme that has a rich history, culture and great buildings from the time when the city was a great stay for termal bath and recreation.
The girls checkin at the hotel and we take a short walk and guided tour before we go for a easy dinner. Tomorrow we will meet again and go by bike.


Day 2, Biking the historical way, views, sunshine and guided tour.
At the bikeshop in the nearest town we meet the guides Claudio and Domenico and get our bikes. They help us to make them fit and explain how it works to bike an e-bike - you really have to pedal, it is not a moped... Along the river Brembo and a short stop in San Giovanni Bianco to explain a little bit about the historical road via Mercatorum and why and when it was so important. We reach the ancient village Cornello dei Tasso and Francesca tells us more about the life and the people who lived in the village. Coffee break and then go again and this time we go up to the town Dossena at 950 m hights and the E-bike is positive experience. 
Lunch and a short break before we continue on the way over the mountains to reach San Pellegrino again. After a full day biking the girls really enjoying the time at Spa QC Terme to relax. Pools inside and outside, saunas and different treatments and rooms for relax and a wonderful evening buffé, served in the old decorated water hall.


Day 3, An ordinary day in Bergamo, the city with the surrounding wall.
The mountains threatened us with rain and thunder so we decide to change the program and go to the city of Bergamo. There we went up to the old city "Citta Alta" with the old cabelway, the Funicolare. We drank coffee, went for the highest viewpoint, ate a good lunch and went for some shopping at the local football club Atalanta´s store. A nice icecream before we went to San Pellegrino again. 
The dinner went to be a tastfull evening with local cheeses, cold cuts and risotto, gnocchi and a lot more on the table to pick and share. A very nice evening.


Day 4, The mountains, the weather and wonderful bubbles.
Early in the morning we challenged the mountains and the girls went higher and higher to reach Passo Salmurano at 2017 m... and there was the snow!! We went back, cold and wet, and I think it was a long time ago a warm shower and some food has been so good..
We ended the afternoon and the evening in Franciacorta, the wonderful wine area in our nearby. They produce their sparkling wine in the same procedur like the Champagne area in France. It is still a young wine producing area for the sparkling wine and therefore a very exciting area to visit. From the grapes, after the winemaking, the rest goes to the destillery and they make the Grappa and some nice liquers. Interesting to see and taste.
The evening was held at the wineyard Al Rocol with showing of the procedur of making the Franciacorta and a wonderful dinner with several tastings of the local wines.
Very pleased the girls later on went back to San Pellegrino and the hotel. 


Day 5, The sun waved goodbye to the girls...
After a long nice breakfast they filled their bags with local products as cheese and prosciutto and we went to the airport. Another trip in the Valle Brembana has come to an end and hopefully the guests even has the bag full with local tastes, history and experiences from the mountains.

// Sara