Feelgood with Spa food and wine.
april 2017

The first travel for the season is done and the weather were shown from it´s best. We met the guest at the airport with a lovely feeling of spring and 17 degreese.

Pleasure and culture





GROUP: Small

PRICE: 635 euro

Day 1, wednesday, Arrival Bergamo airport and San Pellegrino Terme
The guests check in at hotel Albergo Papà and we went for a small guided tour in town, the Grand Hotel, the termal bath QC Terme, the Casino and the magic history of the small town and the water. Dinner together at the hotel with classical dishes as Casoncelli, lasange and the local tradition of sparkling red wine... the guests thought it was a little bit strange but exciting.  Goodnight and see you tomorrow!


Day 2, thursday, Valle Brembana through the history and a day to taste local products.
After breakfast we went to the small historical town of Cornello dei Tasso and a guided tour to learn about the life and the people in the village. The important family Tasso that started to manage the postal system that we are using even today. We visited the farm of Gilda and got a glimps of the ordinary life with all the animals and the lovely products that they are producing. Up in the mountains for lunch and the beautiful breathtaking views before we went down again. Time to stop at the marvoulus small company Soluna. Listen to the philosophy of the garden and to see the laboratory and the products they produce, amazing. 
Back in San Pellegrino and time to spend the evening at the Spa QC Terme. Treatments, pools, saunas and wonderful evening buffè made this day perfect.  


Day 3, friday, The city of Bergamo with guide, lunch and shopping.
We went by local bus to Bergamo and at the station we met our guide Helen. She showed us the different areas the old town città alta, the lower part with theater and avenue, the churces and most important historical monuments. We went with the funicolare, the small tram, and the local bus. After lunch we had an afternoon for shopping and relaxing before we went back home to San Pellegrino.


Day 4, saturday, Beautiful lake Iseo and the sparkling wine Franciacorta.
A lovely morning and we are turning to the lake Iseo and the island Montisola. The sun was shining and we went for a stroll along the lakeshore, drinking a nice cup of coffe and a wonderful lunch. A big plate for all of us, full with all different kinds of fish, wow - magic.
We went back by boat and turning south to the area of Franciacorta. We start the visiting tour at the destillery of Grappa and ended at the family owned wineyard Al Rocol. Francesca showed us the procedure and the tecnich behind the production of the famous sparkling wine. Together with a nice dinner we tasted all different kinds of their production of wine. 
 Tired but pleased, we return to San Pellegrino and the hotel.

Day 5, sunday, departure San Pellegrino Terme
One of the guests choose to stay an extra night and the others made an early start from San Pellegrino to go shopping at the big shoppingcenter at Orio airport. After a few hours at the shoppingcenter, new bags for check in and transfer service to the airport I left my guests to go back home. Hopefully they will return to Italy and Bergamo to keep exploring the nice area of Valle Brembana, the mountains and the lakes. They are so welcome!

 // Sara