MTB & Enduro biking at magic hights, lot of food and laughter.. may 2017

After lots of working, searching and planning it was finally time to go and meet the travelers for the first MTBtravel of this season. We have never been so focused of the weather forecast as this time. They promised rain, fog, thunder and lightning and not even a glimpse of the sun... nearly everything turned in to be true..


SERVICE: Basic, medium



GROUP: Small


Day 1, Arrival to Bergamo, Orio al Serio, Valle Brembana and Branzi. 
This time all the guests came together from Gothenburg, me and Chiara were waiting in the transit area to welcome them and bring them to Branzi. Reaching Branzi and Villa Chiara B&B, check in, a short meeting to plan for the upcoming days all together with a nice apertivo. An homemade apertivo with cold cuts, cheese and sweets was exactly what the group needed... 
To bring some space for the dinner we went for a short walk in the village and the guests seems to looking forward to go out in the mountains the next days.

Day 2, Bike, coffee, bike again, lunchbreak and cheese..
At last!! Our MTB guides, Claudio and Domenico, reach Branzi with the shuttle. The expectations has been high around the breakfastable and with discussions such as " the weather, which clothes to wear, do I manage this and where is my camera?"   
The bikes are great, Specialized Levo E-bike and Cannondale Moterra E-bike, full suspension. We start the day at the small technical area to feel and to see the bikes and the group working.
Nice and easy along the river Brembo, small and narrow paths, bridges and then up, up in the mountains. The guests has never biked with pedal assistence before, but they realize that you could chat with your friends, enjoy the views and still have energy left to go up to 1200-1600 meters hight.
Stop for coffee at the local bar and our guides has to explaine who we are and why we are so happy.. We pass through small villages like Bordogna, Baresi and Roncobello. We ride the ancient roads and small paths, down the stairs through the villages and then stop for lunch.
Lunch at Rifugio La valle del Drago with some language exercises... swedish, english, italian - all mixed with laughter makes us understand each other. 
We split the group and Domenico bring one group into roads that make them "step outside the box", but anyway safe. The others go for a second turn of the first road and this time they could feel the flow and bring some energy in the trails.  
Back in Branzi it was time to visit the factory of cheese - one of the most famous products from the area - the FTB Branzi cheese. The visit was both learning and tasteful and the biggest problem was for the guests to choose...



Day 3, The power of the weather, the mountains and an amazing biketour.
Today we started with packing a small bag for one night stay in the mountains. We went to Monte Averaro, about 1700 meters high and the snow was still there. All toghether we run our bikes in the snow up and down and the fantasy has to immagine the views, the clouds were thick and heavy and a little bit magic.
Time to go down, about 8-900 meters in different sections, coffee stop and then get the group together at the shuttle. We closed the doors and the rain started to fall on the window - just in time to go for lunch! 
In the afternoon we went up, up along the winding roads to reach the Piani di Artavaggio and further on to the top, it felt like the group didn`t want to stop pedaling even if the weather wasn´t the best...
We were welcome inside to Rifugio Casari, a warm shower, clean clothes and then to the bar for a nice apertivo. Wile the dinner was served the thunder and lightning showed up outside the window - like an arranged show - amazing!
We go to bed with the rain pouring on the roof and after a couple of hours sleep you woke up to abundant sunshine!!



Day 4, The sunshine, the views and the last day biking
The morning was magic and we all get a lot of energy. Breakfast and pack your bags and time to go.
The paths, made for the cows, was perfect for us and brought us happy and satisfied to the shuttle. But hey, the sunshine, the views - we can´t go home now... Nope - lets go for the Passo San Marco, 2000 meter above sealevel - YES was the answere from the guests.
On the top we met the snow and the  guys that still ride the skies... and the cheese... in anyway to much but so good. Grilled cheese with polenta, with cheese....
After going down along the "via Priula" we brought the bikes on the shuttle and started to go back to Branzi looking forward to have a few hours in the relaxing area with pool, saunas and relaxing beds.
We collect moments, pictures and try to bring out the last of the days in Valle Brembana. Dinner at "Il Caminetto" and then I left my guests to let them enjoy the last night by themselves. 


Day 5, With sunshine from Valle Brembana to the airport and Sweden.
The guests had a nice breakfast and went for a walk in the village. The sun was shining and gave the guest a nice memory from Valle Brembana and Branzi to bring back to Sweden. Chiara brought the guests and the luggage to the airport and the flight home.
As you see, here is a lot more to explore, so next time we are prepared for new adventures, new paths for biking and of cours a lot of new stories!!

Sara, Claudio & Domenico