Enduro MTB in the Orobie mountains, Italy Sep 2017, Travelstory

The expectations was high and the energy was really sparkling like a bottle of Franciacorta... The energy was well needed for one week biking in the beautiful but challenging Orobie mountains. Lots of enduro tracks, balcony roads, views, new environment and a bunch of funny stories - welcome to Valle Brembana..... 

Activ - Enduro MTB

Basic / Medium



GROUP: Small

2018´s trips soon to come!


Day 1 & 2, Arrival to San Pellegrino Terme & the first day by bike
They arrived one day before the start of the travel and they had a lovely relaxed start of the vacation. We went for dinner and a small tour around the village to prepare for the next days.
Next morning we went to the bike shop and met our guide Claudio. Up along the river Brembo, small historical paths, coffee break and then further on to catch some meters of hights and then rolling down through the forest, small pretty villages, stairs and more stairs... Our E-bikes has to work up to the top and let us focus on the way down - perfect! A good day to start the travel in Valle Brembana...


Day 3 & 4, The mountains, the weather and rifugio Casari.
As ususal the weather is the one who decide what to do or not to do in the mountains. We started the day in fresh air and sunshine at 2000 meters to go down through beautiful paths, over fields and through easy forest to arrive in the village of Olmo. We went with the shuttle for lunch and then heading to the mountain of Sodadura. We reach the rifugio Casari and feels very welcome with a aperitivo, sparkling wine and the open fireplace to keep us warm. After dinner we slept as well as that.
The morning starts with an extra cup of coffee to wait for the weather to be better and woops, 10 o´clock, sharp, as planned, we go for the high mountains. The beautiful but a bit scaring balcony roads and the never ending enduro paths bring us down again. After a full day biking and we tired reach San Pellegrino, it is nice to know that the saunas, the pools and the treatments at QC Terme Termal bath are waiting for us - just what tired legs need!


Day 6 & 7 The lake of Como, cows, goats and Grappa in the coffee....
One free day to rest the legs and the group took the local bus to Bergamo, the charming city of the region. Then it was time to pack the bag again and this time we went to see the beautiful lake of Como and the wonderful mountains around rifugio Venini. We started early to reach our ferry over the lake and after a "second breakfast" by the shore we went by bike, by cabelway and bike again... 2000 meters more or less and then lunch. It must be easy to have bikers for lunch, hungry and happy - so please bring the big pot with warm food, something nice to drink and a coffee... a bit stronger then it use to be... then we hit the road again.
The paths down are like "never ending" but we reach, safe and secure, the ferry to go over the lake again. Next stop our B&B in the valley of Valtellina.


Day 8, Return to the right valley, different temperatures and end the trip with a great dinner..
We slept as a prince and princesses and started the day with a great breakfast before we went to the Pass of San Marco, the way over the mountains to come back to the right valley, the Valle Brembana. Rifugio Alpe Piazza invited to good biking, nice views and a good cup of coffe in the sun before we reached the pass and suddenly, there was the snow - hey what happende here?? "You are in the mountains... okey...."
From the pass and down to the valley every meter was like one degree and down in the valley, the late summer feeling was back again.
With all these days by bike and different environments we went for a nice dinner in town to close the trip. Then it was time for the guests to pack their bags and early morning check out and wave goodbye to Giorgio at the hotel. 

As usual, me and Claudio has had a great week and longing for next time. We will be proud of showing you the best tracks and trails in the beautiful Orobie mountains.

// Sara & Claudio