The wonderful Orobie mountains - trekking, views, picnic and then relaxing in the Valle Brembana.
28 sep-4 oct 2017, Travelstory

Several days in the mountains, several hightmeters and sleeping at Rifugio. A lot of new things for our guests, they struggled, laughed, enjoyed and had a few wounds at their feet.... a great group and a great trip!

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More trips to Orobie mountains 2018!


Day 1 & 2 - Arriving to San Pellegrino Terme and the first day trekking.
At the airport I met happy and expectant ladies and we went to the Valle Brembana and San Pellegrino Terme. A short walk in the village with a lot of "wow" and "I didn't know.." and a lot of questions about the history and the great buildings like the Casinò, the Grand Hotel and the tram heading up to the higher level above San Pellegrino...and then dinner and preparing for the next day, our first day trekking in the mountains.
Our guide Mauro met us in the morning and we took of to the start of the trekking. With wonderful weather and nice surroundings we took our time, drank coffe and ate our picnic lunch and in the afternoon we reached our Rifugio. Hungry after a hole day outside walking we longed for dinner and it was just what we needed - then it was nice to go to bed early, to rest both body and mind and load energy for the next day to come.


Day 3 & 4 The Orobie mountains with wonderful challenges and great views.
After breakfast we packed our bags and started the second day of trekking. Round the lakes, narrow paths like balcony roads, tunnels and discovering a few animals. Picnic and a short nap for 15 minutes and then ready to go further on. Reaching the next Rifugio early afternoon gave the guests a choice. It was possible to sit down leaned at the sunny wall and have a good coffe or join Mauro to the top of the closest mountain. Some of us stayed and some of us took the challenge and joined for the mountain.... everybody was pleased!
Dinner, some good chat and a lot of laughter and then good night.
We woke up to a brilliant morning, the fog was just leaving, the sun started to bring us the sunshine above the mountains and the air crispy and cristal clear.
We were walking up and down, in and out in the fog and we were all together again for the lunch break. The sign at the wall in the restaurant tells us " Here we don't have wifi - please talk to each other". It was a very pleasant break.
Time to go down to the pretty town Carona and in the afternoon we reach the small familiar hotel. A nice dinner and then heading for the pillow....


Day 5 & 6, A day in the fog, reaching San Pellegrino and new excursions in Valle Brembana.
This day we had the fog as a good companion and we chosed to go in the lower part of the mountains. Small ancient villages with a lot of history. No cars could reach them so you have to bring your stuff with the elevator and then hit the path by feet. Around lunchtime we reach San Pellegrino and had a nice and relaxing afternoon and evening.
Next day we started our excursion of the valley, historical villages, famous paintings, old churches and the well knowend commercial road  that leads through the valley. Visiting a local producer of cheese to see the farm, the animals adn to taste the homemade products...
Lunch at a local restaurang and when the guests went back to the hotel an evening at the termal bath QC Terme were waiting for them. Treatment for tired legs, pools with or without bubbles, saunas and wonderful relaxing rooms. 


Day 7 & 8, Guided tour and celebrating a birthday...
The last day with activities went to the small ancient town Cornello dei Tasso and a short guided tour to learn about the history of the people who lived here and the important rule this villages have had in the valley. We followed the path and muletrack to Passo San Marco at 2000 masl. When you see the mountains, the alps and Switzerland you realize that this really was the way to the north of europe.
After lunch break with cheese from the grill, "a must do" in this region, we headed back again. This last night was even the birthday for one of our guests and we ate a really nice dinner and enjoyed a glass of sprakling Franciacorta to celebrate - Hio Hip Hurray!
The trip has come to an end but some of our guests stayed a few more days. Of course we helped them with trips, maps and timetables for the local bus so they could explore our lovely valley and the city of Bergamo even more.

You are very welcome back to join us and explore the mountains and the Valle Brembana together with us.

// Sara and Mauro