Trekking and hiking in the mountains of Bergamo, the Orobie alps. DAY TOUR OR Several days with accomodation in the MOUNTAINS


Maybe you are just passing by our area and want a break and an activity. Bergamo is a great place to stay for both culture, food and outdoor activities. 
sometimes the family or the group wants to do different activities and still come together for the evening meal and accomodation. 
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You chose your tempo and you need to be focused to put your feet just right after each other. The nature in the mountains is wild and not always easy going, but that is what we like, let nature be the master.
We pass small villages, churches and the huts for the farmers who have their animals in the mountain for eating the high mountain-grass to produce the very typical cheese. Suddenly we are high up in the mountains and following the long walking path, Grand Orobie Trail.
It is not the time and how many meters you make that will be important, it is the feeling, nature, your company and the only clock that hunting us is the sun and the following darkness. 


For your safety, to choose the right trails, reading and knowing the weather conditions and of course to have a good companion, SarasItaly work with professional guides. For the trekking trips, my best companion is Mauro Scanzi. Alpine guide, certified UIMLA and has been working in all the big mountains in Europe. In his work, he also concludes the safety work with the national rescue team with the helicopter.
His passion for climbing, ice-climbing and free alpine skiing makes him a perfect partner for us who loves the mountains!
Tell us if you want to organize a climbing-course or try rafting and canyoning - it is a magic and adrenaline filled experience!


To walk slowly but long distance is good for your mental health, your body and soul. The views are amazing and the paths like balcony roads will take your breath away. We will go up and down in one day or stay in the mountains with a sleepover in a Rifugio. Nice, clean and simple lodging with the mountains just outside the door. The Orobie Alps are not an easy trekking area, we go by foot everywhere because of the loss of lift systems. The paths are steep and narrow, it is the same paths that the animals are using since several years ago. But anyway, we love it, we love the little bit ruff feeling and the challenge to more or less climb the last few steps before reaching the top of the pass.


As more prepared you are, as a better experience, you will have in the mountains. Train both your fitness level and check out your equipment. It is better that the equipment is well used then totally new. The terrain in the mountains are rough and stony and we strongly recommend wearing high-waisted boots for the stability and for the safety of your feet and ankles. The rucksack should suit your body and back well and the weight shouldn't be over 10 kilos. The sticks will be useful both for relaxing and changing position and to release your knees and back in strong and steep parts. Don't hesitate to ask us for advice if you wonder about anything.

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