Trekking in the Orobie alps, bergamo, Italy, 4 nights

The great Italian Orobie Alps, wild, ruff and so beautiful! This long weekend trip has 3 days of challenging hiking with 2 nights in Italian mountain stations called Rifugio.
The Orobie Alps are known for their beautiful views and great contrasts with harshness, steep mountain walls and it is a wonderful challenge you have in front of you. The Alps around Bergamo are some of the unexplored areas with fewer tourists and less organized excursions. We hike with a local mountain guide and a Swedish tour guide who lives in the valley. You carry your backpack yourself and have well-worn hiking boots, good equipment and poles for those who wish. 
We go where the locals go to meet the people and enjoy the magic mountains.

Join us for a great tour with good local food, nice company, fantastic views and occasional height meters. 


Day 1, - Arrival Bergamo and Valle Brembana
Transfers from recommended airports are included in the price of the trip. We gather at the hotel at about 6 pm for a short walk in the village and later we all go for an evening dinner and talk about our coming days in the mountains.
Food included: evening dinner, 2 dishes, wine, water and coffee

Day 2, - Start the trekking in the beautiful Orobie Alps
We start from the hotel and the backpack is packed for 2 nights and 3 hiking days, and we carry it ourselves. The rest of our luggage can stay at the hotel until we return on Saturday. Our guide meets us and we start our hike towards the night's Rifugio. We have a picnic with us that we eat for lunch during our hike. Today's hike is about 6-7 hours including break and we walk about 1200 altitude meters to reach our Rifugio at 2000 meters altitude. Here we are met by good food and plenty to drink and in the evening a homemade dinner is served. We sleep in multi-bed rooms, ladies and gentlemen separately, shower and toilet in the corridor. It includes disposable sheets and towel.
Food included: Breakfast, picnic, aperitivo, evening dinner with wine, water and coffee

Day 3, - Full day trekking in the Orobie Alps
After a good night's sleep and breakfast, we head off with our packing and picnic on our backs. Today's tour takes about 6 hours including a break and about 500 altitude meters. In the afternoon we are welcomed by Rifugiot's hosts, an aperitivo with drinks and a well-deserved dinner in the evening. We sleep in multi-bed rooms, shower and toilet in the corridor. It includes disposable sheets and towel.
Food included: Breakfast, picnic, aperitivo, evening dinner with wine, water and coffee

Day 4, - Trekking, Orobie Alps and back to the valley
After breakfast at our Rifugio we check out for our last day trekking in the mountains. After lunch, we start to go down to our hotel in the valley. We arrive during the afternoon and have time to relax for a while before tonight's dinner. Here we share our memories of the days in the mountains.
Food included: Breakfast, picnic, aperitivo, evening dinner with wine, water and coffee

Day 5, - Departure from Valle Brembana to the airports
Transfer from hotel to the airport or station for departure. Depending on your time for flight or train, we cooperate and make the departure day to a good day for all.  If you want extra nights in Valle Brembana, Bergamo or another place, we are happy to help you find the best solution.
Food included: Breakfast


AUG:        1 - 5 
OCT:        3 - 7


PRICE: from 1090.00 € 


3  :  4

We do really like to go out in the mountains and it is not often we have to close a trip. If it should be so, that the participants are less then 4p, we let you know at least 30 days before departure and we will refund all your money.
The program can be changed in case of circumstances such as bad weather and other things that the organizer can't be responsible for. 
We stay in hotel*** first night and last night, sharing a two-bedded room. (single room on demand) 2 nights will be at Rifugio or B&B in the mountains. Familiar and good located. We sleep in several bedded rooms, bunk beds, ladies and gents in separate rooms (or another good dividing). Shower and toilet are in the corridor. The food is local and made by traditional recipes.
For the best experience on this trip, you should have well-used hiking boots, sticks and your personal fitted backpack. Equipping yourself with walking habits and good fitness makes the trip even better experience. The backpack should be packed with a maximum of 10 kg during the ride. . For dinner, In the evenings it is a relaxed mood and dress code. On our first stay, you can re-pack your travel clothes to be stored at the hotel where we return. Please contact us for questions.
Don't forget to be clear about your private insurance it should be including activities as Trekking. If you are an EU-member, please bring your international healthcare card. 

Flight or other transportation to Italy is not included. We include transfer from the closest airports such as Bergamo/Orio al SerioMilano/Linate or Milano/Malpensa. You will often find flights with Ryanair, Easy Jet or other cheap flights. If you arrive by car or local transportations, please let us know and you will have a personal price.
The trip has a minimum of participants and if the trip wouldn't be as scheduled we repay all your money and we let you know as latest as 30 days before departure.


* Part in two bedded room at hotel***, 2 nights incl breakfast.  
* Part in several bedded room at Rifugio / B&B, 2 nights incl breakfast.
* 4x dinner, 3x picnic and 3x aperitivo, incl drinks
* All days trekking with alpine guide (it/fr/eng) and tour leader. (eng/swe)
* All transfer needed for tours and excursions.
* Transfer to recommended airports on arrival and departure day.

* Single room at the hotel, 2 nights, + 80.00€


    4 NIGHTS

    Price: 1090.00 €

    flight is not included

    • Please check all the letters!
    • YY/MM/DD
    • At the Rifugio in the mountains, 2 nights, we will sleep in several bedded rooms.
    • We are traveling together and want to share room, 2-3- or 4 bedded.
    • Please let us know and we will prepare as much as we can.

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