Relax at the bright spot in the valley, the QC Terme Spa, eat typical food & drink wine from the northern part of Italy and Valle Brembana

Bodytreatments and a historical dinner room.
The dinner room is fantastic a mix of old and new. There is a evening buffé with small fingerfoods such as cheese, salami, bread, cold cuts and of cours the sparkling water of "San Pellegrino". You join the dinner buffè together with the other guests and all dressed in bathrobe and flipflops.
If you go with SarasItaly you have had the possibility to chose and prebook bodytreatments. 
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Spa QC Terme entrè

Taste the food in Valle Brembana.
In Valle Brembana you find classical Italian food such as pizza made in open fireowen but it is the typical food from the mountains thats the best. The pasta casoncelli, the polenta or pizzoccheri are all typical food from the mountains.
Valle Brembana is famous for their production of cheese, the Branzi and the Taleggio cheese and all the local cheeses that is made in the small local farms. In the valley there is a lot of open markets and festivals for the apple, for the mushroom, for the honey and chestnuts.

Lokal produkter från Valle Brembana

Wine in the nearby
The valley of Brembana is to "wild" to keep grapes, there is no space for that. We will go to the next valley in the north, the valley of Valtellina. The grapes are Nebbiolo and are growing on the sunny side of the valley aginst Switzerland. They produce a caracteristic Italian red wine, from easy going to more full and heavy.
If we want the amazing bubbles we go to the area of Franciacorta. Here we find more than 50 wineyards. They are small, familiar and very very proud of their products. They are producing the sparkling wine in the same way as the area of Champange. 

Besök vingård Valtellina

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